Let Me Introduce You To Our Park



Rules and Regulations (Posted in the Water Park)

Everyone that enters the Water Park MUST pay full admission price, whether swimming or not.

Appropriate swimming attire is required in the pool. Cut-offs and thong bathing suits are not permitted.

Children not potty trained MUST WEAR A SWIM DIAPER- we will be checking this more closely this summer. (swim diapers eliminate fecal accidents in the pool that require the pool to be cleared for a good length of time or may force us to close the waterpark for the remainder of the day).  The waterpark sells swim diapers for $1 each at the front office.

Water noodles, inner tubes and other floatation devices are not permitted in the water.

Diving is permitted in deep end only.

Running, dunking, horseplay are not permitted in the Water Park.

To ride the two-story slides alone, riders must be 48″ tall.  Those 30″-48″ may ride the double tube slide with an adult.

Rest breaks will be the last 15 minutes of each hour.  Adults may swim with their children (2 years and under).  All others must clear the pool area.

Smoking, tobacco, and alcohol are NOT permitted in the Water Park at any time.

Coolers, food and beverages are NOT permitted in the Water Park. All bags are subject to be checked prior to entry.

Grills are not permitted in the Water Park.

The Water Park Staff is not responsible for lost, stolen or unattended items.  Please use the lockers for valuables.

The City of Uhrichsville and the Water Park management and staff are not responsible for any injury, accident or damage in connection with the use of the Water Park.

Violation of general rules or any conduct that may endanger or impair the safety of park patrons may be cause for permanent expulsion from the Water Park at the discretion of the manager without refund of fees.

Animals and/or pets are not permitted except for service dogs and K-9 officers.

Any person having an infectious disease or open sore may be refused admission to the Water Park at the discretion of the manager.

Cancellation/refund policy-

For pavilion parties, a $50 deposit is required.  If the party must be cancelled due to weather, we will make every effort to reschedule a new date.  If that is not feasible, we will provide passes in the amount of your deposit for you and your family to use at a later date.

For full park rental, a $150 deposit is required. If there is inclement weather for both dates, you will be refunded the full amount. Your deposit is nonrefundable if canceled less than two weeks from reserved date.

For those visiting, there will be NO REFUNDS for any reason once admitted to the pool.