Let Me Introduce You To Our Park

Customer Reviews

Jody Eye

I love the park

I love the park and fact that you can bring,food and drinks in but I can tell you some of the guest can be extremely rude I mean grown men taking the rafts out of young kids hands that stood and waited for them like everyone else did maybe you should take a couple lesson from the kids on how to behave

Jill Smith

Amazing Time

We came for the first time today. My son is 4 and my daughter is 6 . They had a great time. The pool/facility was very clean, staff was very freindly. Lifeguards were always watching their areas and very attentive. Very fun. Very affordable.

Nicole Kaminski

Very clean, decent prices

Very clean, decent prices at the concession stand, and friendly staff. We spent the whole day and everyone from my infant to the adults had so much fun. We live a little over and hour away and we will definitely be back more often.

Shawn Wright

Great Time

I want to thank the staff for an excellent experience. I was able to enjoy my time at your facility. The food is very good with a nice variety, it's well maintained except for the people using the tables as a shaded area not to eat. Other than that I'll keep coming back when I can...

Ruth Mcmasters

Great First Time

yesterday was the first time we have went here. the kids loved it! they had a ball and I was happy with the cleanliness, very friendly staff, and the price wasn\'t bad either. kids weren\'t happy when the power went out, but that was out of the parks control. we will be going back.